7 Nifty Fishing Hacks For Beginning Anglers

3 Simple and Cheap Fishing Hacks

New to fishing? These 3 simple hacks should give you the jumpstart you need. The video features easy and cheap tricks with everyday materials. Need to secure a knot onto your hook without fuss? Use a dental floss container. Need a fish descaler? This video shows you how to make your own. And, in the off chance you break a rod tip, this video also shows you how to fix it with the help of a safety pin. Nifty, right?

Bank Fishing Hacks

Any angler would agree that fishing from the bank tests their stealth and resourcefulness in a special way.

Since you’re not in the water itself, bank fishing requires you to be more in tune with the environment. Little things like your casting angles, picking the right spot and even the way you approach the bank can affect your catch, so you’d need all the help you can get.

This video shows you 6 neat hacks on how to improve and maximize your bank fishing experience. It shows you how to make your own depth finder and rod holder, how to cast in the same spot every time and how to get rid of nasty fishy odors with some Windex.

Cork Fishing Hacks…And Then Some

Who knew corks could be so useful when out in the water?

This video shows 8 ways to make fishing easy, and most of these hacks involve the use of a cork. Since corks are impermeable and buoyant, they’re really helpful in keeping your things from sinking. With a length of paracord, tie a cork around your knife or sunglasses to keep them afloat in case they fall in the water. You can also make DIY bobbers from a piece of cork and a pencil. At the very least, you can use these corks to sink your hooks into.

Aside from cork hacks, the video also shows how to use a strip of velcro to organize fishing rods, and how to use a little safety pin to organize your hooks.

How To Catch Catfish In The Summer

Fishing for catfish in the summer is quite different from other seasons and this video shows you why. It’s less of a hack, and is actually more of a crash-course on how to maximize your summer fishing escapades. Get some tips on how to find these giant freshwater fish by studying the environment and the ecosystem. It also dives deep into animal behavior and catfish feeding patterns, on top of a bunch of helpful gear advice. What can we say…it’s pretty immersive, right?

Hotdog Rig

You know, humans aren’t the only species who are fond of hotdogs. It looks like catfish are fond of them as well. No one knows why, but a lot of channel cats across the country seem to be partial to hotdogs.

Anglers who’ve used hotdogs have so far caught a lot of big fish and as a result, they’ve become quite popular baits. The downside is, hotdogs tend to fly off your hook. How do you fix that? Well, this video shows you how with the help of a snap swivel and a tool conveniently made from a coat-hanger.

Bottle Cap Fishing Lure

This hack teaches you how to make your very own lure out of a bottle cap. It’s really easy and will cost you virtually zero dollars, as long as you have the tools. It might even come pretty handy when you find yourself in a survival situation, too.

All you need is a bottle cap.

Take it and make a hole on each side. Get a couple of split rings and attach them to the holes. When you’re done with that, simply fold the cap in half and there you have it: your very own DIY fishing lure made out of a bottle cap. It’s a no-brainer hack that can help you catch food in a survival situation. And, since you’re recycling those bottle caps, you’re also giving Mother Nature a hand as well.

Hacks Against Backlash

Backlash is one of the most annoying things that can happen when you’re out in the water. Thankfully, there’s a nice little hack to remedy that. Learn how to fix backlash as well as how to prevent your treble hooks from tangling while they’re in the box (clue: it involves rubber bands!). It also includes some helpful tips on how to prevent rust and how to unsnag a lure.

Final Thoughts

Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? Fishing isn’t without its challenges but if you’ve checked out the videos above, you’ll see that learning this skill is not an impossible feat either. Keep practicing and who knows? You might be able to improve these tricks or even make your own hacks in the future. If these don’t make you an expert angler, they will at least help you in catching decent dinner.

Any other fishing hacks that we might have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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