What Is The Best Multitool For Everyday Carry?

A reliable multitool is a must for your everyday carry kit. Whether you’re using them for heavy-duty jobs or all-around household tasks, multitools can help you in a lot of...
prepper wearing a bug out bag

Essential Items That Should Be In Your Bug Out Bag

In most survival situations, your sources of food, water, clothing, and shelter would be compromised. An evacuation scenario is also very likely, so you would do well to prepare...
two way radios

When The Lines Go Down: How To Communicate During An Emergency

Disasters are unexpected. Imagine setting out for work on a typical weekday when it strikes, right out of nowhere. Chaos erupts. You and your family members are scattered all...

[Updated] 11 Multipurpose Items For Your Bug Out Bag

“I want to be helpless in the face of disaster,” said no prepper ever. In our quest to prepare for any emergency, a lot of us tend to pack just...
first aid kit

What Should Be Inside Your First Aid Kit?

No matter how cautious you are, accidents and injuries can still happen. Something as simple as a sprained ankle or a flesh wound might not be considered as life-threatening,...
prepper with a bug out bag walking in the mountains

[Watch] 8 Survival Experts Show You How To Pack A Bug Out Bag

So, you now have a list of items for your bug out bag. The question is--- do you know how to organize the items inside it? What items are...
entrenching tool

Is An Entrenching Tool Part of Your Survival Gear?

Is an entrenching tool (e-tool) part of your survival prep, emergency car kit or bug-out bag? If not, you're clearly missing out. Any modern military worth its salt has...
orange 550 paracord bracelet on wrist

This Is Why You Should Have A Paracord With You At All Times

There's a reason why a paracord has been around since World War II: it simply works. Originally used for parachutes, the paracord has evolved into many functions and uses. What...
man standing on a cliff

4 Survival Tools You Can’t Live Without

Survival success depends on three things: your knowledge, your skills, and the tools at your disposal. That's why you try to learn and put that knowledge into practice as...

What Are The Best Tactical Backpacks For Survival, EDC and Bugging Out?

A wise man once said, "Thou shan't be caught dead with a cheap tactical backpack"


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