Prepared for Post-SHTF? These Jobs Will Feed Your Family

Congratulations! You’ve survived the apocalypse.

If this were a movie, a big “THE END” would appear on the screen, the audience would cheer, and the credits would roll.

…But this ain’t a movie. And unlike the protagonists in survival films, your story won’t end once you make it out of Armageddon alive. 

There’s still the big question of how you’ll put food on the table.

Spoiler alert: it’s not gonna be through a desk job. With the world in shambles, you gotta be prepared to take things old-school. 

Here’s what you need to know about post-SHTF survivalist careers:

18 Post Apocalyptic Occupations That Will Help You Be Prepared for Success

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Post-SHTF, society is gonna reset itself and look a lot like life during the 20th century…or earlier. The folks who’ll thrive during this period are those who studied and practiced stuff that our great ole’ gramps and grams did every day.

With that said, check out the post-apocalyptic occupations that’ll keep your family fed:

Medical Professionals

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After S hits the fan, it’s not gonna be easy to find an available doctor. Just imagine the swarm of survivors flooding hospitals for medical attention.

Now, we’re not saying you have to enroll in nursing or medical school to feed your family but EMTs, nursing assistants, vets, paramedics, firefighters, and even those who know advanced first aid can definitely trade their expertise for essentials in a post-SHTF scenario.


After the apocalypse strikes, forget modern medicine — looters will raid hospitals and pharmacies till they’re bare. And it’s likely they won’t get restocked again.

Even the groups who prepared their meds ahead of time will be out of luck when their pills run out or expire. But it’s not all hopeless.

In the post-collapse world, folks will turn to herbalists for their natural remedies.

These SHTF pharmacists know which roots, herbs, weeds, and flowers to combine for all kinds of antidotes. They forage these plants from either their homestead or the wild.



If you have a survival garden, then farming ain’t a foreign concept to you. But while you’ve got the basics down pat, you’ll need a few more things if you wanna make it your actual career after SHTF.

First off, you should have enough land to grow crops for your family and to barter for other things. Then, you’ll need seeds. Lots of ’em. Start buying them in bulk now, but make sure that you save the ones from what you’ll harvest, too.

You should also have good dirt, canning tools, and equipment to work the land.

But this isn’t the only type of farming you could do. You could also run a dairy farm or a fruit grove.


Veggies ain’t bad, but if you’re anything like us, you know that they’ve got nothing on a hearty slab of steak. After Judgment Day, though, folks can’t just head over to Costco to choose their favorite cuts of beef.

They’ll either have to live without meat, learn how to hunt their own, or rely on a butcher. Butchers know how to slaughter animals, dress them, and prepare different cuts for consumption.

If you have the experience, then you can set up your own meat shop and make a living out of trading poultry, fish, beef, and pork proteins.

Carpenters and Masons

Post-SHTF, your area’s probably gonna look a lot like Mad Max: Fury Road. Buildings and homes will be in poor shape…if they’re still even standing, that is.

The masses will want to start rebuilding ASAP, so carpenters and masons are gonna be in high demand. With their skills, they can build houses, shops, chicken coops, and other structures. Eventually, your neck of the woods will start looking like an actual community again.

If you like making bushcraft shelters as a hobby, then you’ve already got some carpentry skills. But if that’s still foreign to you, you can develop your skills by practicing how to make furniture like chairs and tables.


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If you’ve got an engineering degree, or at least some engineering knowledge, then you’ll have no problem earning your keep. And you won’t only keep your belly full by bartering your services. You can also contribute a lot to the community.

Who knows, you might just create a sustainable power system that allows folks to have running water or even electricity.


Like engineers, mechanics are gonna play a crucial role in the post-apocalyptic world. They’ll be in charge of maintaining things like farm machinery, which farmers and ranchers need to grow crops and raise livestock.

To be a post-SHTF mechanic, you’ll need to take a leaf out of the ancestors’ books and learn how to use manual power tools. You also need to start practicing how to fix ancient combines, tractors, plows, and other equipment.


Can you imagine a world without cars? That seems impossible now but wait ’til after doomsday. You’ll see everyone using horses, not cars.

Since horses are gonna be the main way people get around, having a blacksmith in the community is a no-brainer. But making horseshoes isn’t the only thing they’ll be good at.

Blacksmiths can also forge iron and steel to make tools, wagon wheels, furniture, railings, and even decor, which will come in handy after SHTF.


Horseshoes won’t fit a horse’s hooves like those glass slippers on that one girl.

Luckily, it doesn’t take magic to attach the metal devices to each hoof with a farrier around. They do a fine job of solving that problem. They know a horse’s hooves like they know their own feet, so everyone can count on ‘em to help keep their steeds in nice shape.

With the amount of walking that horses will do, they’ll need their shoes replaced and their hooves trimmed every few weeks. It’s safe to say that farriers won’t run out of work to do.


Honey is packed with nutrients and all kinds of great stuff, so folks won’t think twice about trading their things for it. A herbalist would need it to whip up a concoction for coughs and sore throats, while others would use the substance to make their food less bland.

Aside from bartering honey, you can also rent out your hive to farmers and gardeners. The bees can pollinate their crops and give ’em a better harvest. You could ask them to share the food they grew in exchange.


Back in the old days, everyone and their aunt Pam knew how to sew their clothes. These days, you’ve got nephews and nieces that have never even put a thread through a needle. They just buy their clothes online anyway, so what’s the use?

After doomsday, that’s not gonna be the case.

Since most folks will be working on rebuilding the community, their clothes will get tattered faster. Kids and babies will also need stuff to wear. The community will rely on seamstresses to mend and make garments.

To be a seamstress, you need to know how to hand sew. You should also know how to operate a prehistoric sewing machine. Oh, and be prepared to use lots of needles, thread, parchment paper or cardboard (to make patterns), and chalk.

We also suggest that you learn how to spin wool and make your own thread.


It’s a shame that making shoes has become a lost art because the footwear that cobblers produce is unmatched. They’re nothing like those cheap shoes that fall apart after you wear ’em a few times.

But after TEOTWAWKI, cobblers will definitely start gaining popularity again.

Folks will stop throwing away shoes just ‘cos of a few unnoticeable stains. Heck, they’ll keep wearing their old boots ‘til the duct tape can’t hold the soles together anymore.

Lucky for them, cobblers can mend and make them quality footwear. They work with leather and different kinds of materials—laces, sole inserts, rivets—to create shoes of all sizes.

Ham Radio Operators

After a major event that changes the entire fabric of society, you can expect to see ham radio operators taking on a powerful role.

These guys will keep the whole community informed about bad weather, suspicious strangers, and illnesses that make their way into the region. They can also help folks get in touch with friends and relatives who live across the country.

Rope Makers

Call it a hunch, but we’re confident that rope is gonna be a major essential following SHTF. People will need it to secure their stuff as they travel to the trading center, lift heavy objects, trap their dinner, guide their livestock — the list goes on.

So if you know how to make rope, you can barter it for goods and services. You could even teach it to others so that you’ll have extra hands to help when the demand gets higher.


Potters are (literally) gonna get their hands dirty with all the requests for bowls, plates, mugs, and other containers. But they don’t just know how to work an old-school pottery wheel, they also need to collect their own clay from the ground and use a kiln to transform the clay into ceramics.


While kids likely won’t need a formal education following the collapse of society, they still need to learn. Homeschooling is an option, but it’s not realistic if parents will be busy exchanging wares or keeping the farm in shape.

It makes more sense to bring back the schoolhouse where our forefathers learned back in the day. The SHTF teachers who’ll work there won’t actually need an education degree, they just need to be good at teaching kids basics like reading, writing, math, science, and history.

Besides these, they’ll also focus on giving students hands-on vocational training to make them prepared for the future.

Sanitation Specialists

There may be a ton of survivors after TEOTWAWKI, but if they let their waste and garbage pile up, disease will spread and wipe ‘em out.

But not if you do something about it. Let’s say that you set up a garbage collecting business and learn how to compost and properly bury waste. It may not be the most pleasant venture, but it will always be sought after. Plus, you’re also contributing to everyone’s safety.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need cool adventure jobs to support your family following judgment day. What matters is that you know an essential skill or two, like raising livestock, harvesting crops, and building a shelter.

You can learn these things by reading books, taking a course online or at a community college, and by practicing whenever you get the opportunity. You can do anything as long as you set your mind to it.

How do you think you’ll make a living post-SHTF? Let us know in the comments.

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