Simple Security Solutions to Beef Up Your Home

Many folks think that home security costs an arm and a leg.

We'll let you in on a little secret. They're wrong.

You DON'T need to take out a second mortgage on your home to defend it from troublemakers. 

In this article, we'll prove that you can safeguard your property using some tried-and-tested home security hacks. Ready? Let's get started:

Smart and Simple Security Solutions for Your Home

Whether it's to prevent a burglar from stealing jewelry and cash or to keep your stockpile of food, water, and supplies safe from a frenzied mob during SHTF, these straightforward—and affordable—solutions will ward off threats:

Yard Signs

When you Google how to boost your home security, lots of articles will tell you to go for some fancy-schmancy security system.

That's all well and good, but what if you don't have the cash to spare on an expensive intruder alarm system?

Simple, you just put up signs warning that your property is under 24-hour video surveillance...though that's not exactly the case. This would make folks think twice before trespassing. 

Full disclosure, though—these signs may not trick seasoned thieves. They probably won’t stop a desperate horde from breaking in when SHTF, either.

But, hey, they’ll only cost you a few bucks, so there's no harm in getting a couple of signs for your gate. Signs like “Beware of dog,” “No trespassers,” and “Keep out” are all classics.


At night, you wanna keep your home bright...not obnoxiously bright like the display the Joneses next door put up every December, but enough to deter thieves who are scared of getting spotted. 

Install plenty of outdoor lights. Motion detector lights are a smart choice since they go off every time they sense that someone’s there.

The bad guys won’t know what hit ‘em. 


Your landscape can either work for you or against you. While you don’t want it to conceal looters, you don’t wanna be known as the neighbor with an overgrown jungle for a backyard, either.

So, what can you do? Here are some suggestions:

  • Plant sharp, thorny bushes below windows.
  • Cut tree branches that could offer quick access to your upper-floor windows.
  • Keep your lawn, hedges, and shrubs trimmed.


Dogs ain't just the best pets, they're also great for security. You don't even need a Rottweiler or Pitbull. Your tiny pup's barks are loud enough to act as an intruder alarm and scare ‘em off in the process.

Door Reinforcement Hardware

You’d think that thieves won’t have the audacity to force entry through your front door, but you’ll be surprised—they’ll resort to almost anything when they’re desperate, lazy, or plain reckless.

Can your outside doors take a few blows? Or will they break apart like chopsticks? 

Upgrade your door security with these items:


Criminals can jimmy open ordinary locks with crowbars and even knives without breaking much of a sweat.

That's not the case with deadbolts, though. These bad boys offer superior protection at a pretty affordable price, giving criminals the headache they deserve and buying you more time to retaliate.

Flip Locks

A flip lock ain't just useful for wandering toddlers. It’s also one easy way to keep crooks from barging inside.

You just screw it to your door frame, flip it, and—voila—it locks the door into place. The best part? You won't have a hard time finding this handy gizmo online or at your favorite hardware store. 

Door Sensors

Many folks who know their stuff on home security would recommend getting door alarms. They're tiny, but they're loud enough to wake deep sleepers and startle bad guys. Plus, it doesn't take a genius to install 'em.

Now, there are all kinds of door alarms available. While you can go for the most high-tech one in the market, there are lots of decent ones at affordable prices.


If your door frame’s wooden, replace it with a metal one right now.

Remember, the frame is the thing that’s actually keeping your door closed, so unless you wanna risk your family’s safety on a thin strip of wood, an upgrade should be in place.


It goes without saying, but you should check who’s at the door first before giving them an open invitation into your home.

Though it’s tempting to peek through the windows, you run the risk of being spotted. So the best way to check who the heck is standing outside your front door is by installing a peephole. It’s way more stealthy.

Door Stops, Door Jams, and Barricades

While a deadbolt, flip lock, and a strong frame can fend off most thugs, it also won’t hurt to have these devices ready when SHTF. They offer an extra layer of security that would make it a lot tougher for folks to force their way inside your home.

Window Fortifications

Think you can rest easy now that your doors are thief-proof?

While that's definitely an improvement, we all know that those changes won't stop the most eager intruder from finding another way to break in.

Your windows are the next thing you need to fix. We’re not saying you need to buy bulletproof glass (go for it, though, if you have the cash), but a few simple upgrades can make a world of difference:

Tinted Glass 

You don’t want your windows to sell you out and show the world a glimpse of the goods you’ve got inside. That’s why it’s ideal to tint your windows. But if you’re staying at a place that won’t let you make any permanent modifications, then you can cover the windows with aluminum foil.

If you don’t wanna raise a few eyebrows, though, then a nice set of blinds or curtains should help keep prying eyes away.

Window Locks 

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking—what’s the use of getting window locks when the bad guys can shatter the glass with a baseball bat or a huge rock?

That may be true, but let's not forget that in normal cases, they don't wanna get attention from you, your beady-eyed neighbors, or the loudmouth kids who roam around the block. 

So to keep unwanted guests from making a stealthy entrance through your windows, place locks on all of ‘em. 

You’ve got various options to choose from:

  • Window latches
  • Child safety latches
  • Keyed locks
  • Swivel action locks
  • Sliding window locks
  • Lag screws

Here’s a helpful article that goes into detail about each of these window locks.

Security Window Well Covers

Your first and upper-floor windows are secure. But what about the ones in your basement? If you don't do anything with them, then you're setting yourself up for a break-in.

Luckily, security window well covers can take care of that problem. You can install these covers inside the window wells with a cotter pin or other kinds of locking devices. 

While the covers prevent entry, they're not gonna get in the way of you fleeing during emergencies like fires. All you have to do is slide the cover off and go up the window well.


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Gonna be gone for a few days? Don't let thieves know.

Grab some mannequins and put 'em near your windows. This way, they’ll think you’re home and will target a different place instead.

Of course, this ain’t entirely foolproof. If the thieves tend to scope out your neighborhood a lot, they’ll suspect something’s off when the “person” they saw behind the curtain hasn’t moved from the same spot in three days.

Booby Traps

You’ve seen booby traps all the time in movies, but they’re no work of fiction.

You won’t go wrong with these traps when SHTF. While the ones we’ve listed below won’t cause major harm, they’re absolutely effective against a mob of hooligans.


A tripwire is straightforward. It's basically a wire stretched across an area. Since it's a few feet above the ground, an unsuspecting person would trip over it and set off an alarm.

This classic booby trap is cheap and fairly simple to configure, as you can see in the video above. You can find one in army navy stores or you can make it yourself. 

Talking Booby Trap

This booby trap is rather unusual, but we think it's awesome.

You'll have lots of fun choosing a special sound effect for it or recording your own message to mess with snooping folks. Just put it in a good hiding spot and give 'em the scare of their lives. 

Paint Can

We're sure you've seen pranksters filling a bucket with gross liquids, putting it on top of a door, and then watching gleefully as their concoction drops on some random person. They're pretty common in sitcoms.

But this doesn't just work as a prank; it's also one way to slow down bad guys.

Just fill a bucket with a nasty combination of liquids or put an unopened paint can to use. Then open a door a few inches and balance the bucket on top of it. From there, you'll have to tie a fishing line or thin wire from the bucket to the doorknob.

You need to extend the string enough to ensure that the liquid spills right on your target's head when they open the door. Once they're covered in the goop, it'll take a while for them to recover.

Obviously, we don’t suggest doing this for your front or back doors. It's better to set up this trap in one of your rooms, just in case the intruder actually squirrels their way into your home.

Corn Flour Explosives

What happens when you sprinkle some corn flour on a burning candle that's inside a tin can? Wet-their-pants-terrified thieves, that's what.

You see, when you add all those elements together, the corn flour's chemical energy transforms into heat—causing a speedy combustion.

Calling this booby trap an explosive is a bit of a stretch, so you don’t have to worry about blowing up your home or seriously injuring someone. More than anything, it's designed to spook trespassers with its loud, ear-rupturing sound.

Pit Traps

As long as you don't mind digging a hole or two on your property, this is a good booby trap to consider.

You just need to pick a nice location and make sure that you dig deep enough to keep someone from climbing out. Then, hide the hole. Get a net that can cover it and put some dirt, leaves, and sticks on top to make it look like the rest of your landscape.

Altoids Alarm System

To average joes, an Altoids tin only carries mints. Preppers, though, know that ain't always the case. Besides making a great pocket-sized EDC kit, you can also use the tin to house a small alarm. 

All you'll need is the tin, a musical greeting card, a multitool, and duct tape. The video above shows you just how uncomplicated it is to assemble this booby trap. 

Final Thoughts

See? Like we told you earlier, you don't have to be a millionaire to guard your territory against burglars or zombies.

Sheer cleverness, creativity, and even no-brainers like locking your doors and windows and not leaving your key under the mat will get you far. 

What measures do you take to protect your home? Let us know in the comments!

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