6 Survival and Prepping Experts Reveal Their Ultimate EDC Gear

New to prepping? We imagine you’d be stuffing your pockets with all the EDC items you can find. Honestly, that’s not how preppers roll. We get that you just wanna be prepared for anything, but less is more when it comes to EDC.

You don’t have to carry your entire collection of EDC gear. One tool can make all the difference. To help you narrow down your choices, we asked experienced survivalists and preppers what everyday carry tool they can’t leave home without. Read on to find out their responses:

5 Must-have EDC Gear


Jason Peterson, Survival Cache

I think the most common answer to this question is probably a knife, and I tend to agree. However, the one tool I cannot live without would be a multitool.

I never know where the day may take me or what I will encounter. I could find myself in the woods, on a rural backroad, shopping in a grocery store, or stuck in an elevator or some backroom.

A single knife blade is excellent to have, but there are many things it just cannot do.

On the other hand, a multitool like my Swiss Champ (made by Victorinox) offers two knives and many other tools. Some may not consider it a "heavy hitter,” but I think a multitool is the most versatile EDC tool that works well between urban and non-urban environments.

Cliff, The Urban Prepper

I carry the discontinued Leatherman Juice S2 Multitool. It's compact and provides me with a lot of capabilities for urban life. It has a utility blade, bottle opener, scissors, screwdriver, pliers, and more. If I could only carry a single EDC tool in my pockets, this is what I would take.


Alan Smith, Prepared Survivalist

Whenever something happened or needed fixing, I always saw my grandfather pull his knife out of his pocket and use whatever tools and materials he could find. I never really noticed how much of a part that knife was of him until I started carrying it with me. Now, I see myself doing the same thing.

Pen Knife 

Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper

It's unobtrusive and can be carried on my person no matter what I'm wearing. People can use it for just plain ole cutting things in a survival situation or self-defense.

Many folks think you need a giant knife or an ultra-long blade for self-defense, but really, you just need to know where to make your cuts.

Folding Knife

Dennis Warlan, Warlan Tactical

This knife is subtle yet extremely sharp and is built to last. It basically has a bulletproof material with a complete solid lock up.

A Good Blade

Kevin Estela, Field Craft Survival

Whether it is a fixed blade, Swiss Army knife, multitool, or folding knife, you become more capable when putting a blade on your person.

With a knife, you can cut a piece of fabric into cordage, process wood into fire-starting materials, defend yourself, prepare wild game, and pierce, slice, chop, and cut your way through survival needs. Without a good blade, you’re left to use your fingernails or teeth, and I’d like to believe we've evolved past that in 2021.

To sum it all up, these seasoned preppers recommend an EDC gear that can cut. The question now is: how do you pick a blade you wanna carry every day? Like any prepper gear, you want a tool that’s both tough and versatile.

How to Choose an EDC Knife

If you’ve been in the game for quite some time, you might say it’s just a matter of preference. However, keeping a few essential points in mind when choosing a knife is still wise. Here are the different aspects that you should consider:

  • First off, figure out how you’re gonna use it. Since this tool serves as an extension to your hand in everyday tasks, think about everything you usually use a knife for and how you will carry it.
  • You must be able to deploy your blade safely and with ease. In case you find yourself in a pinch, an EDC knife with quick and easy access will help prevent further trouble.
  • Size and weight matter. Ideally, a good EDC blade length is roughly 3 inches. You want a knife that doesn’t attract too much attention, and you can easily fit inside your pocket without leaving a noticeable bulge.
  • Lastly, choose a knife that you know can perform well in survival situations. Before making any purchase, make sure it gives you a comfortable grip, is steady, and has a responsive design.

Final Thoughts

There’s no telling what you might encounter once you step out of your home. If ever you’re faced with a minor emergency, your first safety net is your prepper gear.

Carrying a couple of tools with you may somehow put your mind at ease, but really, you only have to rely on just one. Take it from these survival experts who spilled their most trusted EDC gear, so you won’t be left clueless about choosing the right tool for any job.

Now, we wanna turn it over to you: what’s the everyday carry tool you can’t live without? Let us know by leaving us a message.

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