6 Reasons Why Every Prepper Should Have A Tac Light

Tactical flashlights are often underestimated, whether as everyday carry gear or survival tools. Most people think they’re simple devices that can help you see in the dark; nothing more, nothing less.

That can’t be farther from the truth.

Tactical flashlights are actually a must in every prepper’s kit. These handy and durable devices have features that you will never find in an ordinary household torch. In many cases, they can even save your life.

Here are six reasons why a tac light is vital for every prepper:

A Tac Light Is Very, Very Bright

Well, it’s a flashlight. Brightness is a given. What sets the tac light apart is the sheer amount of light it gives out.

The light output of a tactical flashlight can range from 100-2,000 lumens. In comparison, your ordinary household flashlight only packs about 25-100 lumens…which means, a tactical flashlight’s brightness is no joke.

Some flashlights are so bright that they can throw beams that can reach as far as 1,000-1,200 feet. This is especially useful when you’re trying to find your path in the dead of the night, or when you’re in a survival situation and need to find a quick way out.

When the electricity goes out, you can temporarily light up an entire room with a tactical flashlight, if needed. If you are lost, you can use its powerful lumens to make distress signals that can be seen over huge distances.

It’s Built to Be Used and Abused

tac light

As its name suggests, tactical flashlights were initially made for military and police use. This means most of them are made with aero-grade aluminum or titanium casings that can withstand major use and abuse. They are built to be shock-proof, scratch-proof, and shatter-proof. Most, if not all, should stay in one piece even after falling from a height of at least 5 feet.

Most tactical lights are waterproof as well. They should be resistant to rain, snow, or even floods. Their charging ports are water-sealed to make sure that you can still use them even after full submersion. The hardiest brands can be submerged up to 3 feet deep and still work perfectly.

It’s Portable

The old tactical lights were big, clunky, and a pain to carry around. Thankfully, today’s lights have shrunk in size and have grown in functionality. Most of them are only 3-7 inches long and weigh around 2-8 ounces. You can easily carry them around in your pocket (some have clips that make this easier) or in a bug out bag without worrying about additional space or weight.

It’s Packed With Features

Tactical flashlights are basically flashlights on steroids. Not only are they very durable and bright, but they’re also packed with features that add to their value as EDCs and survival tools. Tactical flashlights have modes (high, medium, and strobe, to name a few) that you can use for various purposes.

They’ve also been given a serious tech update: most are rechargeable with micro USB ports, with some brands boasting Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to check battery status and configure its settings from your smartphone.

Your Tactical Flashlight Helps Identify Threats

While they are designed for tactical use, a tactical flashlight’s primary function is still to help you see in the dark. You can use it for just about anything: you can use it to look for the remote under the couch, find your way back to camp in the dark, or check your surroundings for potential threats and perpetrators.

Many crimes happen in poorly lit areas simply because it’s easier for the bad guys to attack you in the dark. Imagine walking down a dimly lit road or parking lot alone at night. There could be a criminal lurking around the corner, just waiting for you to fall victim.

You can solve that problem by simply shining your tactical light down the path. At a minimum of 100 lumens, most tactical flashlights can illuminate dark places and reach long distances. That alone gives you the advantage of seeing—and preparing for— what’s ahead of you.

It’s Indispensable in Emergencies

Flashlights are indispensable during emergency situations. When the power goes down, a flashlight is the first thing you want to get your hands on. This function is magnified when you’ll be forced to maneuver in the dark—think earthquakes, hurricanes, and storms.

It’s what you use to find the rest of your supplies and to navigate to safety. Since tactical flashlights are shock-proof and water-resistant, you can use them in extreme weather or even underwater, to some degree. A tactical flashlight’s beams can also be used to transmit distress signals that allow rescuers to respond to people in need.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t have a tac light of your own, it’s high time to get one. Despite its compact size, it can do a whole lot and go a long way. It’s the perfect EDC device to increase your awareness of your surroundings, identify threats, aid in emergencies, and of course, ward off bad guys with a lot less risk of harming yourself.

Got any awesome stories about your tac light? Let us know in the comments below!

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