6 Ways a Tactical Light Can Save Your Life

A lot of folks underestimate the power of tactical flashlights. Some assume they’re an accessory kept in kitchen drawers and only taken out when a power outage hits town.

But saying a tactical light is just good for seeing in the dark is full of crap. We know you know it’s so much more than that.

Tactical flashlights are actually excellent prepper gear because they have other features that are no match against a traditional flashlight. One of these features might just save your life when SHTF.

Curious how? Here’s all you need to know about tactical flashlights.

What Is a Tactical Flashlight?

As if the name hasn’t given it away, tactical flashlights are made for tactical use. They were initially developed for military and law enforcement as an aid for target identification in low-lit areas.

They’re smaller than traditional flashlights, have an upgraded brightness, and are made of weapon-grade aluminum for maximum durability. These are the reasons why tactical flashlights aren’t only popular among military and police units but also a big hit within the prepper community as prepper gear.

A tactical light is a great tool to add to your everyday carry (EDC) because it’s handy and can be an awesome self-defense weapon for average joes. But we’ll talk much more about that in the latter part of this article.

What to Look for in a Tactical Light

Now that we know what a tactical flashlight is, let’s dissect what you should look for in one. If you wanna save a life using your flashlight, you gotta make sure you have one that passes the prepper standard. Here are features you should consider when looking for a quality light:

  • It must be extremely bright and have a powerful lumen output. Brightness is a big deal when it comes to a tactical light because you wanna see what’s ahead of you clearly. You don’t wanna go blind in the dark, especially when you have the Peter Parker tingle that an attacker is nearby. What you want instead is to blind an attacker with your beaming flashlight during a dangerous encounter.
  • An adjustable focus can do you wonders. Your eyes might have a hard time adjusting to low lighting. A zoomable focus where your tactical light can easily be changed from a small to a wide blinding beam will help you focus on specific things or see everything in larger areas.
  • As with any prepper gear, you want something long-lasting. The same is true for tactical flashlights. Take note of how long your light lasts before its brightness fades out. Make sure it lasts for longer hours than an ordinary flashlight—just enough time for you to seek help or get out of a sticky situation.
  • It’s no question a tactical light must be durable. You must be able to rely on it when you meet an unexpected situation, and it’s the only prepper gear you have. Think of a tac light made with military-grade aluminum alloy that can take a beating any day.
  • A weather-proof tactical flashlight works best in all kinds of situations. If it won’t lose its functionality under severe weather conditions, it’s a damn good flashlight to begin with.
  • Size matters. Your flashlight shouldn’t be bigger than the size of your palm. You want something small enough to carry in your pocket every day.

Helpful Ways to Use a Tactical Flashlight

If you still need a little more convincing about owning one, here are some ways you can use a tactical flashlight in emergencies:

Blind Potential Attackers

Tactical flashlights with a minimum of 600 lumens to a maximum of 2,000 lumens will do the job. Their blinding light could temporarily disorient a potential attacker, which gives you a chance to make an escape and run like The Flash.

Light Dark Alleyways

a tactical light on the dirt

Dark alleyways always pose a threat, and you’ll need a source of light to keep you out of danger.

Tactical flashlights are incredibly bright, so whenever you find yourself walking home alone in the dead of night, just whip out your flashlight to light the way.

What’s also remarkable about these bad boys is their maximum beam reach, which can cover a distance of up to 2,400 ft. That’s enough coverage when you need to get out of a survival situation quickly or when you’re on a nighttime search and rescue mission.

Identify Threats

Attackers are like Shadow Hunters; they often use the cover of darkness as an advantage. But here’s where your trusted tactical flashlight comes in handy. Stalkers hiding in the shadow? Consider them toast. Shining a light on bad guys may be enough to drive them away since most attackers are a bunch of scaredy cats when exposed.

Signal for Help

Stranded somewhere and need help? You can send distress signals using your tactical flashlight. As you already know, these tac lights have intense beams that are easily noticeable. Emergency responders will surely locate you in no time.

A tactical flashlight is definitely a better way to signal for help rather than yelling for help. Screaming with constant movement will only drain the life out of you. Remember: you have to conserve energy because you’re gonna need to stay awake no matter what.

Striking Tool

Tactical flashlights are built like a tank. Some models are even designed with a crenelated bezel that makes them the perfect non-lethal self-defense weapon. Their jagged edges can be so effective when you strike an attacker in vulnerable areas, leaving them wounded, bloodied, and disoriented. Sounds a bit gory, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Start a Fire

Tactical flashlights are great fire starters. This fact proves your bug out bag or EDC kit won’t be complete without these handy-dandy flashlights. In survival situations where you badly need heat, and there’s no other source available, you can make use of a tactical flashlight to start a fire in three different ways:

  • Carefully remove the outer casing of your flashlight with the inner filament intact. Surround the top of the light around the filament with tinder, such as dry grass or small twigs, and switch the light on.
  • Much like how a fresnel lens works, you can use the protective glass lens from your tac light cap to magnify sunlight onto the tinder.
  • A tactical flashlight with high lumens in a concentrated beam could quickly burn a flammable material when shone onto your chosen tinder.

Where to Get the Best Tactical Flashlight?

We’ve been raving on and on about tactical flashlights. At this point, you’re probably questioning where you can get your hands on one. Luckily, we’ve previously featured the best tactical flashlights out there in this article. You can check it out and, from there, decide which tac light passes your standards.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying a tactical flashlight is indispensable. It’s a must-have item for every prepper because of its life-saving features. Who would’ve thought something as simple as a tactical flashlight would be a vital tool for your EDC kit and bug out bag?

A tac light sure has your back when trouble comes your way, so don’t step out of your home without one in your pocket or bag.

What’s your favorite tactical flashlight feature? Sound off in the comments section below!

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