7 Awesome Benefits of Carrying an EDC Wallet

You might not notice it, but we all have an unhealthy habit of collecting receipts and hoarding gift vouchers in our wallets. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and check your wallet right now.

That’s right. We’re all equally guilty.

For preppers like us, heavy and oversized wallets are a no-no when it comes to our everyday carry. What we need is a slim and simple wallet that is, at the same time, strong, functional, and can carry our daily necessities and help us with minor emergencies.

The best prepper gear for the job? None other than an EDC wallet. If you’ve been in the prepping game for a while now, you’ll know It’s pretty much an essential item to own, mainly for its awesome benefits. But before we get into that, let’s get to know what an EDC wallet is first.

What is an EDC Wallet?

EDC wallets are not like your ordinary wallet. Sure, they may have a few similarities, but EDC wallets are purposely designed to be practical and valuable. These wallets do more than just carry your cash and cards; they provide security and protection.

Since they’re smaller in size and dimensions than an average wallet, you can fit them in any pocket. These functional wallets are practically part of every prepper’s arsenal of survival gear since they’re easy to carry around and are small enough not to attract any attention.

And depending on your preferred style and carry requirements, you’ll find EDC wallets that are made of refined leather, heavy-duty canvas, rugged metal, and some even come with discreet tools. Unlike other wallets, they’re constructed of only the sturdiest, tried-and-tested materials that basically categorize them as tactical wallets.

Now that you understand what an EDC wallet is, you might consider adding one to your everyday carry list. But before you make any purchase, it’s essential to know what you should look for in one.

Things to Consider When Looking for an EDC Wallet

Finding the best EDC wallet is a difficult task, especially if you have plenty of options. But one thing that will make your job easier is knowing what you’re looking for. When it comes to EDC wallets, practicality wins over looks. Here are a few things you should consider before buying one:


As with any EDC gear, you need to consider its construction above all else. You must choose an EDC wallet that can withstand the harshest conditions.

This is possible if it’s made of a combination of leather and aluminum, titanium, or steel. If you don’t like leather, you can look into EDC wallets made of metal or polycarbonate and elastic or silicone.

Compared to traditional wallets, metal wallets offer more protection. They keep contents safe from impact and prevent breaking and scratching. They’re surprisingly lightweight and more durable, too.


Minimalist EDC wallets are what every prepper should look for. Scratch those that are too complicated to figure out or too bulky to carry. You need something sturdy and straightforward that also wins in functionality.

Choose one that makes it easy to take stuff in and out of the wallet. If you have a wallet multitool in your everyday carry, owning an EDC wallet that offers easy access will work to your advantage.

Another thing to look out for is the band that keeps the wallet together. It must be strong and flexible enough to expand when using the wallet at full capacity but still fit tight when you’re just carrying a card or two.


As mentioned, EDC wallets are more than just average wallets. Why? They come with a few sets of multitools that are useful during emergencies. Some wallets feature a paracord and knife, while other wallets double as a bottle opener.

Not all EDC wallets are the same, so you have to decide what tools you think are important for your everyday needs and choose accordingly.

Benefits of Carrying an EDC Wallet

If you’re used to carrying a fat and bulky billfold around, bringing an EDC wallet will take some getting used to. But switching to a minimalist type of wallet is gonna change your life forever. Here are reasons why an EDC wallet is better than a traditional one:

You Stay Organized

With a smaller one, you’re forced to carry only what is absolutely necessary. Plus, you won’t have to dig your way around your wallet anymore just to find what you need.

You Won’t Easily Lose Your Wallet

With a huge wallet, it can easily fall out of your pocket without you noticing. But that’s not the case with an EDC wallet. It’s designed to fit nicely in your front pocket or shirt pocket. That said, it reduces the chances of losing your wallet since it’s tucked safely and nicely inside.

You Won’t Attract Thieves

Massive wallets are the apple of a thief’s eyes. They make an easy target and can be quickly snatched from your pocket or hand. On the other hand, a slim and small wallet is more discreet and isn’t as obvious.

You’ll Feel More Comfortable

EDC wallets are excellent if having less bulk in your pockets is a priority. There are no unsightly bulges, meaning you won’t have to sit on those annoying bumps anymore. Above all, you’ll be avoiding a potential spine injury by simply not sitting on a bulky wallet.

Your Life is Made Easier

As preppers, we usually carry a dedicated bunch of stuff with us every day, and it’s small and important items that typically get lost in the sea of things. But owning an EDC wallet will change things for you. You can store your bills, cards, and IDs along with your small tools in one place for easy access and convenience.

You Save Money

Wallets are often the first item in a prepper’s arsenal to show wear and tear. Since EDC wallets are designed to stand the test of time, they can resist daily wear and still perform up to your standards. If you invest in a well-made, reliable, and durable one, you won’t have to replace your wallet after every few months.

You Keep Essential Assets from Damage

Since you’ll most likely be carrying IDs like your driver’s license, some credit cards, and  your precious pocket-sized tools daily, you’ll need something to protect them. In this case, an EDC wallet is an obvious choice.

It’s well-built and made more than for mere billfold duty. You won’t ever have to worry when the weather decides to act up because most of these wallets are waterproof. Your essential assets are basically safe from getting drenched. It’s the security you need when carrying valuables.

Final Thoughts

We’ve established that the wallet itself is just as important as its contents. And now that you already know what to look for in an EDC wallet, you can confidently find one that fits your carry requirements.

The key is to go over your checklist if you already have options in mind. Once you finally have one that ticks all, if not most of the boxes, no more second guesses.

You’ll be surprised how much an EDC wallet can change your everyday carry for the better.

Is there something we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments section below.

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