What Are The Best Wallet Multitools for EDC?

Hold Up—Why Do You Even Need A Credit Card Tool?

Before we head on to the review, let’s get one thing clear: these wallet multitools are not meant to replace your full-sized tools outright. Think of them as smaller, lighter counterparts instead.

These handy tools are the ones you pull out of your pocket in case you encounter small emergencies and quick fixes while on the road, at home or at work.

That being said, there are lots of advantages of keeping a credit card multitool in your wallet.

Here are some of them:

They’re small but durable

As the name suggests, wallet multitools are but the size of a credit card and can fit comfortably in your wallet. Unlike the usual credit cards, however, these pocket tools are usually made from material like heat-treated stainless steel. They may be compact but they’re insanely durable. You can use them for tasks like opening cans and bottles, prying nails out, securing bolts, and the like.

They help you save space and weight

Because they’re relatively light, compact and capable of doing multiple jobs, wallet multitools can save you some real estate in your EDC kit, bug out bag, or camping backpack. This also makes them great for people who are constantly working on their weight savings like hikers, backpackers, and cyclists.

They keep a low profile

How many times have you had your pocket knife confiscated at events and establishments? Do people ogle at your Leatherman whenever you take it out to fix something? While we’re at it, how many of your multitools or blades have ended up in the clutches of the TSA?

Thankfully, your wallet multitool doesn’t have to suffer the same fate. These bad boys are pretty low-key. Most of them are also TSA-approved, so you can take them with you when traveling.

A couple of small tools is better than having none at all in a survival situation

Wallet multitools are not only great for quick, everyday fixes; they may even come in handy in a survival situation.

What Should You Look For In A Wallet Multitool?

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Not all wallet multitools and credit card tools are created equal. When selecting a great wallet multitool, you must hold them to a few standards such as the following:


You want your wallet multitool to be able to handle a lot of jobs, so don’t skimp on its material. Go for multitools that are made from strong, heat-treated stainless steel— 420 is a good place to start. This type of steel is light but doesn’t corrode easily. It’s also able to handle some use and abuse.

You can go for tougher S35VN steel, but keep in mind that would give you a thicker and heavier credit card multitool.

Some wallet multitools, like the Victorinox Swisscard Lite, come in plastic casings instead of steel constructions. These are great if you want to cut back on weight. The downside is that they’ll most likely break after several months in your back pocket.

Tool Selection and Functionality

Having a wide selection of tools is only great if said tools all work properly. Choose a wallet multitool that has a smart and functional set of tools. Remember, it doesn’t have to have the most bells and whistles— it just has to be the most useful.


Can you grip it well? Does it have serrated or sharp edges? Are the tools placed on strategic locations on the card? These tiny details will have a big impact on how well you can use your credit card tool, so consider these as well.


What good is a pocket multitool when you can’t take it on a plane? That being said, make sure that your wallet multitool of choice is compliant with TSA’s guidelines.

How We Did Our Review

As you’ve seen from our previous reviews, we put a lot of thought and effort into selecting and testing the products. Here’s how we did it for our wallet multitools:

It first begins with a cursory internet search. We scour the interwebs for the best products out there. We comb through hundreds of reviews and testimonials from people from all walks of life to create a shortlist of products that we’ll test out ourselves.

For this review, we selected a variety of wallet tool styles to see the differences and similarities between each type.

Once the line-up is complete, we purchased them ourselves and subsequently tested them out. We used these tools to fix various stuff, from bolts on bikes to screws on eyeglasses. We also opened dozens of boxes, letters, bottles, and cans in the process. Heck, we even took them out camping.

The results of our tests are found below:

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