prepper with a bug out bag walking in the mountains

[Watch] 8 Survival Experts Show You How To Pack A Bug Out Bag

So, you now have a list of items for your bug out bag. The question is--- do you know how to organize the items inside it? What...
bushcraft teepee shelter made from wood and sticks

Learn How To Build These 7 Survival Shelters

Modern conveniences have allowed us to manipulate our living spaces to suit our comfort. Out in the wild, however, the elements can be harsh. Following the survival...
orange 550 paracord bracelet on wrist

This Is Why You Should Have A Paracord With You At All Times

There's a reason why a paracord has been around since World War II: it simply works. Originally used for parachutes, the paracord has evolved into many functions...

Is Your Water Safe To Drink? Here’s 10 Ways You Can Purify It

Every organism on earth relies on water for survival. 60% of the human body is water, so it’s really no wonder that we can only last 3...

How To Start A Fire For Beginners

As a basic survival need, fire is essential in keeping your body temperature at a normal level. Temperatures tend to drop drastically at night, especially in temperate...

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