11 Essentials Your Winter Car Survival Kit Needs to Have

Icy and slippery roads. Snow-covered pavements. Reduced visibility. The biting cold.

These are all recipes for disaster.

Let’s get something straight: wintertime isn’t an ideal time for anyone to drive. If you’re unlucky, you might get tangled up in a messy situation.

But if you must go out under harsh weather conditions to stock up on pantry supplies, at least have a winter car survival kit ready.

Now, this isn’t just any survival kit. It’s a kit specially designed for frosty weather.

Before we jump into what goes inside your winter emergency car kit, here’s a refresher on how to drive safe during the cold season:

Winter Driving Tips to Avoid Road Mishaps

No matter how careful you are on the road, a spin-out collision or rear-end car crash can happen out of nowhere. And in frigid temperatures, accidents like these can have devastating consequences.

Getting behind the wheel on icy roads is a huge safety risk, so be cautious to prevent fatal injuries. Here are some winter driving tips to keep in mind:

  • Wear your seatbelt at all times. This should be a given, but some folks still forget to buckle up before driving.
  • You’re not in a Fast & Furious movie, so slow the hell down. Speed limits are there for a reason.
  • You need to have complete control of your vehicle in wintry conditions, so don’t even think about using cruise control.
  • We meant it when we said you have to be extra careful. Accelerate and decelerate steadily.
  • Maneuver your vehicle with smooth and precise movements because a sudden switch in lanes can cause skidding.
  • Keep a safe following distance with the car ahead of you since motor vehicle collisions are expected during the winter.
  • Get some inertia before taking on a hill because you shouldn’t stop while ascending.
  • When the weather worsens, consider pulling off the road to a safe place until conditions improve.

If these driving tips fail to get you home safe after a quick run to the supermarket, be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Anything can happen on the road. For example, you might get stranded in a snowbank on the side of the road. Having an emergency car kit will definitely be a lifesaver.

Essential Items to Pack in Your Winter Car Survival Kit

The weather can be so unpredictable. A typical winter day can turn into a big snowstorm within minutes. This kind of situation is exactly why a winter car survival kit is vital. 

In case you get stranded out in the cold, the contents of your winter emergency car kit are what will keep you alive until help arrives. If you still don’t have one tucked in the back of your car, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the things you need in your winter car survival kit:

Winter Hat

Warmth is essential when it’s the winter season. If you don’t wanna freeze to death, you’re gonna need certain pieces of clothing to stay warm.

While losing half your body heat through the head is just an old myth, you should still add a simple winter hat to your winter car emergency kit. With a hat, your ears and face won’t get too numb.

Hand and Foot Warmers

Suppose your car heater doesn’t work its magic on a winter day. Since your hands and feet will feel chilly, your winter car survival kit should also include hand and foot warmers.

Survival Blanket

A survival blanket is one of your best shots to avoid hypothermia. It gives you an extra layer of warmth when the situation becomes critical. Since most blankets like this can fit two people, huddling close to your companion will help slow the rate of heat loss.

Tactical Flashlight

no winter car survival kit is complete without a tactical flashlight

It gets dark earlier during winter, so streetlamps might not provide enough light at night.

If you’re driving late and still find yourself on the road, a tactical flashlight with an extra set of batteries might come in handy in case you encounter car problems along the way. It’s an absolute must-have for every winter car kit.

Emergency Candles

While battery-operated flashlights are great in emergencies, they’ll eventually run out of power unless you own a rechargeable tac light that comes with a USB cord.

Bringing an alternative light source like emergency candles will make all the difference.

What makes candles a worthy choice? They don’t just serve as light on a cold, dark winter night; they also serve as a heating option. Just be careful when handling them because they’re fire hazards.

BIC Lighter

Of course, you need something to light your emergency candles. The best tool for that is a BIC lighter. Compared to matches, it’s easier to use and can even start more fires. Plus, it’s compact and cheap.

Entrenching Tool

One of the many unfortunate things about the frosty weather is that roads get blocked with buttloads of snow. You might even get your vehicle stuck in the middle of the road. When this happens, you’ll need something to help you dig your way out.

What gear is best for the job? An entrenching tool. It’s perfect for digging jobs and other survival-related tasks like shelter-building. With this tool in your winter emergency car kit, it’s easier and faster to dig piles of snow out of your way.

Tactical Gloves

You’ll likely encounter some car problems during this season. When you do, don’t be a fool by working on your ride with bare hands. You don’t wanna lose your fingers to frostbite, right? So pack a pair of tactical gloves for maximum hand protection.

Jumper Cables

If you didn’t know, cold temperatures affect your car battery performance. When the battery gets extremely cold, it loses its strength and can no longer supply enough current to keep up with the demand. As a result, it’ll be impossible to start your car without assistance.

This scenario is where your jumper cables come in. Check out the video above to learn how to jump-start your vehicle correctly. 

Ice Scraper and Snow Brush

If you experience frequent snowfall or mainly deal with ice and frost, then it’s wise to include an ice scraper and a snow brush in your emergency car kit. These tools will help increase your driver visibility and prevent any mishaps on wintry roads.

First Aid Kit

Accidents are common during the chilly times of the year, which means you should prepare for them. Medical assistance might not be available right away, so it’s all up to you to treat the injuries you can while help is on the way. Check out the primary contents of a first aid kit here.

Food and Water

Of course, food and water are vital for survival, so they’ll always be a staple in emergency kits. Just make sure you store food that doesn’t spoil quickly, like energy bars. And replace your water bottles every six months to avoid contamination.

Final Thoughts

Driving in wintry conditions can be tricky, even if you consider yourself an excellent driver.

You can’t control the weather, and you most certainly have zero control over irresponsible truck drivers, motorists, and pedestrians.

Your only defense from misfortunes on the road is by prepping for them. This includes assembling your winter car survival kit. 

While the winter season is still months away, now is the time to start building your own winter car kit. Just add whatever survival supplies you need and stash them in the trunk of your car.

Anything else you think deserves a spot in anyone’s winter emergency car kit? Let us know in the comments!

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