28 Useful Gifts for Preppers to Get This Holiday Season

In theory, buying gifts for preppers should be easy as pie.

You could just grab the first zombie survival starter kit you see and call it a day. But, let’s be real here—we all know how discerning their tastes are.

With the holidays fast approaching, the pressure’s on to find the perfect prepper gifts. Lucky for you, we put together this awesome gift guide to help you shop for the folks in your life who wanna be ready for everything:

What Are the Best Gifts for Preppers?

Rounding up our list of the best prepper gifts are the things that make life easier and way more convenient for them. You’ll find a good mix of items for daily use, for TEOTWAWKI, or both.

Check them out:

Bushcrafter Gifts

Bushcrafters are often found out in the wild. Out there, they don’t just survive—they thrive. And that’s because they know how to forage for food, start a fire, and build their own shelter. Of course, it won’t hurt if they’ve got a few trusty tools by their side, like these thoughtful survivalist gifts:

überleben Zünden Fire Starter

This ferro rod’s pretty hot stuff! It’s one of the best prepper gifts to get someone new to bushcraft, as it ticks off everything needed in a fire starter and more: it’s ergonomic, it’s got a heavy-duty ferro, and it has a striker that doubles as a bottle opener, ruler, map scale, and hex wrench.

KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife

Whether it’s to chop firewood or to scale and clean fish for dinner, this 10-and-a-half-inch bushcraft knife’s up for the job. It’s got a full tang blade and an easy grip, making it an indispensable tool for anyone who loves spending a lot of time out in the wild.


Your bushcrafter is never without their metal water bottle, but with all the hunting and foraging they do, they can run out of water fast…unless they’ve got a water filter. With the LifeStraw, they’ll never have to worry about finding clean drinking water anywhere. It’s super light and can filter up to 1,000 gallons of contaminated water.

Fjallraven Vidda Pro

Every bushcrafter needs a pair of bushcraft pants since normal jeans just ain’t meant for the wild. The Vidda Pro is covered by a special wax that offers water and wind resistance AND it’s got tons of pockets for storing gear—making it ideal for nearly any outdoor activity.

TAC9ER Multitool Shovel

With 15 functions packed in 1 tool, this isn’t a typical shovel. It includes a serrated knife, fire starter, ax, hex driver, wire cutter, harpoon, a compass, and more. Sounds like tools a bushcrafter would find handy, don’t you think? It’s smart to make it one of your options for survival gifts.

Urban Prepper Gifts

Preppers are everywhere. They’re not just in remote, off-grid locations. Many live in the concrete jungle, blending in like regular folks.

You won’t go wrong with getting these modern-day preppers some everyday carry gear—stuff they can use for regular situations and small emergencies.

Here are a bunch of urban prepper gifts they’ll like:

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Cooler-looking than an average pen and with epic features to boot, this tactical pen is a neat companion to any everyday carry kit. It’s got a glass-breaker tip, is outfitted with a machined steel body, AND it writes well in different weather conditions.

Garmin Fenix 5x Sapphire

If you’re looking for something to give your partner, the Fenix 5x Sapphire is one of the most useful prepper gifts you can get them. This watch is anything but ordinary. It has GPS, topographical maps, and, with its water-resistant feature and stainless steel case, it can deal with constant use and abuse.

Did we mention that it syncs with phone notifications, too? Pretty darn awesome, if you ask us.

Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000

A power bank and a wall charger in one, this gadget is a dream come true for those who like to travel light but don’t wanna sacrifice their essentials. It’s suitable for daily commutes, long road trips, overnight camping adventures, and emergencies.

Leatherman Wave+

Carrying the Leatherman Wave+ is like carrying an entire toolbox, minus the extra bulk.

We’ve tried all kinds of multitools, but this one’s our favorite because it has a huge selection of tools that actually work. It also fits just right in the hand and is reasonably priced for its quality.

FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

This tiny hand-crank radio can save anyone’s hide in emergencies. It doesn’t only give access to weather broadcasts; it also has an SOS alarm, a flashlight, and a reading light. It’s got a power bank, too. We don’t blame you if you end up copping one for yourself.

TAC9ER 22-in-1 Wallet Multitool

This wallet multitool may be the size of a credit card, but you shouldn’t underestimate this bad boy. It can crack open soda cans, peel fruit, unwrap packages (like survival gifts), screw back glasses—you name it. Plus, it’s TSA-friendly, so you really can take it anywhere.

Gifts for Homesteaders

If there’s one thing we know about homesteaders, it’s that they’re dependent on their knowledge, skills, and tools to live a self-sustaining lifestyle.

Keeping that in mind, we came up with a list of useful gifts for homesteaders:

TAC9ER Kevlar Lined Tactical Gloves

Whether it’s hauling firewood, raising livestock, or planting an entire garden, it’s safe to say that homesteaders keep their hands busy. They need a solid set of gloves, which is exactly why we recommend this pair from TAC9ER.

These gloves have hard molded knuckle protection, full Kevlar lining to protect against the elements, and offer a nice, comfortable fit that’s excellent for long hours of work. They’re also touchscreen compatible, which is a cool bonus.

Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set

The kitchen is a busy place for homesteaders. There’s always food that needs to be harvested, canned, cooked, or stored. Canning equipment would help a ton, making them great gifts for homesteaders.

This set comes with everything needed for canning—a jar lifter, long tongs, a lid lifter, an extra-wide mouth funnel, a jar wrench, and a bubble popper.

Excalibur 3926TB 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

This 9-tray dehydrator can help step up anyone’s food preservation game. Your homesteader can use it to make healthy snacks or preserve their harvest for emergencies. Think fruits for trail mix, fruit roll-ups, vegetable chips, and jerky.

The Excalibur isn’t as cheap as the other prepper gifts we’ve mentioned here, but if you want to give your loved one something extra special, it’s worth it.

TAC9ER Entrenching Tool Shovel

Do you know what’s really frustrating? A shovel that snaps when you need it the most. Thankfully, that’s not a problem with this carbon steel e-tool. Designed for heavy-duty use, it can easily cut through dirt, ice, and stubborn weeds.

You can also use this shovel to hack wood for kindling, dig a latrine for waste disposal, and more. It’s a worthy addition to any homestead.

Healer Prepper Gifts

Healers don’t necessarily have to be nurses, paramedics, doctors, or EMTs. They can also be regular folks who just happen to have a knack for patching up scrapes, scratches, and cuts like they’ve been doing it all their lives.

You won’t regret getting them these practical prepper gifts:

The Survival Medicine Handbook

What happens when someone in the family gets seriously sick during a disaster?

Should you hope for the best and wait for help to come? No way.

Since doctors won’t likely be around, it pays to know what to do. That’s where this manual comes in. It’s designed to equip average joes with the info they need to take care of injuries and illnesses during all kinds of emergencies.

LEATHERMAN Raptor Emergency Response Shears

Everyday scissors just won’t cut it in emergencies, so if you wanna give medic preppers a thoughtful gift, get them trauma shears.

One of the best ones around is the Leatherman Raptor. This nifty gadget can cut through just about anything. You can also fold it and attach it to a pocket or wear it in a lanyard so that it’s always within reach.

Plus, it’s got extra features, like a ring cutter, carbide glass breaker, oxygen tank wrench, and strap cutter—think of it as a multitool for medics.

Tasmanian Tiger Medic Assault Pack MK II

What can you get your medic pal if they already have enough medical supplies to fill an entire store? Easy, this backpack.

Many essentials fit in here. The bag also has a clam-shell design that makes it easy to access the stuff, and it has adjustable shoulder straps. Also, since the fabric is water-repellent, there’s no need to worry about supplies getting wet.

SHTF Chef Gifts

Whether it’s to be more self-sufficient or to keep enjoying appetizing grub during the apocalypse, there’s nothing SHTF chefs would appreciate more than kitchen tools. These prepper gifts would be perfect for them:

Lodge Cast Iron 5-Piece Cookware Set

There’s just no competition for cast iron cookware. It’s made to survive the zombie outbreak, isn’t a trouble to clean, and you could use it with any heat source—even campfires.

This 5-piece set by Lodge includes a Dutch oven, a griddle, two skillets, and a cast iron cover. It’s what any SHTF chef needs.

Ohuhu Camping Stove

Do you really think someone who lives and breathes food can survive on MREs (meals ready to eat) alone? Heck no. Luckily, with this camping stove, they’ll be able to whip up some tasty, SHTF-appropriate variations of their favorite meals.

Country Living Hand Grain Mill

This is one of the pricier prepper gifts on the list, but your great-aunt deserves the best. She’ll have a blast using this mill to grind oats, quinoa, wheat, and other grains for years to come, even when the power’s out.

Classic Yosemite Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator

How can anyone survive a day, much less the apocalypse, without a cup of joe? We know for a fact that if we don’t have our coffee, we’d definitely be mistaken for zombies.

It’s a good thing that percolators exist. With this classic coffee maker, your SHTF chef can keep pairing piping hot coffee with any meal…and avoid transforming into the walking dead in the process.

Techie Prepper Gifts

While most preppers rely on conventional gear, there’s a special bunch that geeks over the latest gadgets for survival. Of course, these techies still have traditional tools in their arsenal, but they can never leave their homes without their trusty devices in tow.

These gifts for preppers will make them feel like a kid in a candy store:

Mr. Heater Portable Propane Heater

One way to survive the cold season is to make sure you stay warm. Putting on layers of clothes is a big help, but nothing beats the warmth of a heater. For the gearheads in your life, we’re sure this portable mini heater will be a thing of interest.

Even with its compact design, it’s still strong enough to provide heat for spaces up to 225 square feet. Plus, it’s clean-burning, and it has an advanced life safety system that prevents fire hazards. Pretty cool stuff, huh?

OCOOPA Rechargeable Hand Warmer

It’s safe to say that disposable hand warmers are out and rechargeable hand warmers are in.

This rechargeable hand warmer by OCOOPA has ultra-fast charging power, taking only 3 to 4 hours to reach a full charge. It can provide warmth for as long as 15 hours. These features are definitely what your gadget geek will nerd over because it’s not only some next-level gear; it’s also energy-saving and cost-effective.

MPOWERD Solar Inflatable Lantern

With a solar inflatable light, no one ever has to worry about their battery-operated emergency light running out of juice in the middle of a blackout.

What makes solar lanterns like this one so great is that they don’t need additional batteries because they’re powered by the sun. This thoughtfully designed clean technology is something that you shouldn’t pass up as a present for your techie pal.

Outdoorsman Gifts

Having a constant thirst for adventure runs in the blood of outdoorsmen. These folks enjoy the outdoors so much that their survival skills are tested and sharpened more than the typical prepper.

If you know a prepper who loves climbing mountains or hiking trails, you will never go wrong with these survivalist gifts:

Go Time Gear Emergency Survival Shelter

A regular camping tent might not withstand extreme weather conditions, so outdoorsy preppers are better off with an emergency survival shelter.

This life tent by Go Time Gear guarantees that you stay dry, warm, and alive under any harsh environment. It’s compact and super lightweight, making it fit easily into a survival kit. It also comes with a 20-feet paracord rope and survival whistle.

Overall, it’s great for overnight camping, a hiking adventure, winter survival, or getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

TAC9ER Trekking Poles

Walking on challenging terrain with a flimsy walking stick can be a problem. Good thing that’s not the case with these carbon fiber trekking poles. Made from strong aircraft-grade aluminum, you won’t have to worry about them giving up on you halfway through your journey.

They’re also incredibly lightweight with a compact tri-fold design, meaning you can literally bring them anywhere. Plus, these poles aren’t just useful for trails; they also make great anchors for tarp shelters.

Backcountry Access Avalanche Beacon

People who are constantly outdoors can never guarantee their safety. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t prepare for stuff they might encounter.

One tool that can save their lives and potentially others’ lives is this avalanche beacon. This little device can help locate those lost in an avalanche using an emergency transmitter signal. For non-search and rescue folks, this model is easy to use and capable with a lightning-fast processor.

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap on the best gifts for preppers!

We hope this helps you find the perfect prepper gifts (though we’re pretty sure a lot of non-preppers would enjoy these things, too). But if you’re the prepper, then you could send this guide to your family and friends as a subtle hint.

What survival gifts are you planning on getting for the holidays? Tell us in the comments!

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